Tickets are purchased in advance for a whole academic year, valid from September to July. When available, we can sell tickets for new joiners part way through.

Our 2023-24 season ticket price was £950. We retained our discount of £100 for those who paid before 28th April 2023. 

Current Availability

The bus is currently full, though we do expect to lose a small number of passengers at the end of every academic year.

We are still taking deposits for places on the waiting list for the academic year 2024–2025. Please rest assured that if we can’t give your child a place on the bus we will return your deposit.

Before applying, please ensure you read our rules and constitution.

About Behaviour

We want our bus to be a good experience for all the kids who ride on it, their parents and the volunteers who run it. To that end, when purchasing a season ticket, parents and students sign up to the following:

"I acknowledge the Association's rules regarding behaviour on the bus and agree to abide by them at all times. I accept that I may be suspended or excluded from travel if I misbehave. I agree to SADBA storing my personal details to assist with planning the service for future years, and to respond to queries about students' behaviour."

All passengers must have a valid pass or ticket when on the bus and show it to the driver when asked. We also require all passengers to sign a good conduct agreement which, if breached, permits suspension or, in extreme cases, expulsion from the service. 

We don't expect the children to behave like angels but we do insist on decency and courtesy to all, whether fellow passengers, drivers or the public. Bullying and harassment will not be tolerated. 

2024-25 Waiting List Application (New Passengers)