2020 AGM


Shefford and District Bus Association

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1.            These rules form part of and are to be read with the Constitution of the Association.

2.            The Object of the Association is set out in Clause 2 of the Constitution.

3.         It is intended that the administrative arrangements will be kept to a minimum to avoid a heavy workload on the Officers and that the Association will be managed by a Committee as set out in the Constitution. 

4.            Only parents/guardians (“Members”) of the Association will be eligible to vote at any meeting of the Association.  For voting purposes, the purchase of one pass (whether one- or two-way) shall entitle one Member to vote. 

5.           The cost of the Service will be agreed between the bus operator and the Committee.  The Treasurer will notify Members of the cost of each pass agreed by the Committee for the forthcoming year.  Payment must be made to the Treasurer in accordance with the rules set out in that year’s application form.  Payment is to be made in one lump sum and there is no differentiation between junior and senior passengers.  The Treasurer will issue receipts on request.  The cost of the Service shall reflect the cost of travel by public transport for a similar number of passengers, taking into consideration the following facts:

                a) the Service is a dedicated one for the specified Bedford schools; and

                b) the route and timetable are designed to meet the needs of the pupils of those schools; and

                c) each route has regular drivers; and
d) there are additional facilities on the bus which are not necessarily found on public transport such as CCTV.  The Association’s policy is that all passengers must remain seated throughout the journey. Vaping, eating and drinking (with the exception of medicines and still water) are forbidden on the bus. It is each passenger’s individual responsibility to ensure that they comply with this rule.

                 e) For the purposes of calculating fares and refunds, it is assumed that all school terms are of equal length

6.           Seats will initially be allocated to those who were on the service the previous year who submit an application and pay ON TIME, then to those on the waiting list, and after that on a first come, first served basis. There is no automatic right to a place for siblings and parents should sign them up as early as possible. There is a charge of £100 to join the waiting list; those who have paid the £100 will have their first year's fare reduced accordingly. If parents of a child on the waiting list decline an offer of a place on the bus, the waiting list charge will be forfeited. Any Member (& any passenger) joining part-way through a year will pay a proportion of the total charge as determined by the Committee.  Members are required to give at least one term’s notice of their intention to withdraw a passenger from the Service.   If notice is given on or before the first day of the term, at the end of which the passenger is going to be withdrawn, then they will be refunded for the number of complete terms outstanding. No refunds will be issued in respect of part of a term, and no refunds will be issued until and unless the bus pass has returned to the Association.  If there is insufficient support for the Service to continue, Members will be notified as early as possible. 

7.           Any deficit will be recovered by an immediate additional charge pro-rated among the Members.  Any surplus at the end of any Financial Year may, in the absolute discretion of the Committee (such discretion not to be exercised unreasonably) be refunded on a pro rata basis to Members who purchased a pass in that Financial Year such amount as the Committee considers appropriate. 

8.            All receipts and payments will be paid through an Association Account at one of the major clearing banks.  All payments from the Account will require the signature of two Officers. 

9.             All bank statements and records maintained by the Officers will be available for inspection by any Member on reasonable notice.

10.           The Service will operate on a five-day week basis.

11.          The route and timetable will remain the same from year to year unless otherwise agreed between the Committee and the bus operator.  Any material change will only be implemented after consultation with Members either by letter or at the Annual General Meeting. 

12.          A Bus Pass (also called the Association Membership Card) will be issued to each passenger.  The pass must be available on the bus at all times and shown on demand to any member of the Committee or bus operator’s staff. 

13.        On receipt of a complaint, the Committee may suspend any passenger until the Committee has had the opportunity to meet (which may include a virtual meeting by Skype, conference call or similar) to consider fully the alleged misbehaviour.  The Committee shall consider carefully the nature of the complaint and allow the complainant, the accused and other passengers and Members the opportunity to make representations to the Committee in person or in writing as the Committee shall reasonably decide.  At that point the Committee may:

a) impose a further period of suspension;

b) treat any period of suspension as “time served” and allow the passenger(s) back on to the bus; or

c) (in cases of serious or repeated misbehaviour) bar the passenger(s) from the Association’s Service and revoke their bus pass without refund. 

The Committee regards serious misbehaviour as including (but not limited to) fighting, taking the possessions of others without permission, causing harm or damage to individuals (whether other passengers, staff of the bus operator or otherwise) and/or property, conduct that might put the well-being or safety of others at risk, and any behaviour of a similar nature.  The making of malicious complaints and/or accusations in bad faith shall be treated in the same way as serious misbehaviour. 

14.          Members will be expected to co-operate with the Committee in ending unacceptable behaviour on the Service.  The Association will endeavour to address all complaints at any early stage, and, with permission from the Members, may delegate authority to an Officer to speak directly to any passenger (and in particular senior school passengers) in an attempt to prevent escalation of behaviour which, if it continues, may, in the Committee’s reasonable view, lead to that passenger’s suspension. 

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