2020 AGM


Shefford and District Bus Association

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May we remind all students using the 846 bus that when their season ticket was purchased, they signed the following statement:

I acknowledge the Associations rules regarding behaviour on the bus and agree to abide by them at all times.    I accept that I may be suspended or excluded from travel if I misbehave. I agree to SADBA storing my personal details to assist with planning the service for future years, and to respond to queries about students' behaviour.

and that the rules include the following statements:

12.          A Bus Pass (also called the Association Membership Card) will be issued to each passenger.  The pass must be available on the bus at all times and shown on demand to any member of the Committee or bus operatorís staff. 

13.        The Committee regards serious misbehaviour as including (but not limited to) fighting, taking the possessions of others without permission, causing harm or damage to individuals (whether other passengers, staff of the bus operator or otherwise) and/or property, conduct that might put the well-being or safety of others at risk, and any behaviour of a similar nature.  The making of malicious complaints and/or accusations in bad faith shall be treated in the same way as serious misbehaviour. 

14.          Members will be expected to co-operate with the Committee in ending unacceptable behaviour on the Service.   



May we remind the parents/carers of all students using the 846 bus that when their season ticket was purchased, they signed the following statement:

 I confirm I have read the enclosures with this application and agree to abide by the rules of the Association.    In particular, I have discussed the expected standards of behaviour with each of the students listed.   

and that the enclosures referred to include the following statements

Please note all passengers must have a valid pass or ticket for the service on which they are travelling, and produce it for inspection on demand. All passengers must also sign a good conduct agreement which, if breached, permits suspension or, in extreme cases, expulsion from the service. We do not expect the children to behave like angels but we insist on decency and courtesy to all, whether fellow-passengers, drivers or the public. Bullying and harassment WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

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